Jesus Chooses His Disciples (Mark 3:13-19)

Sunday Worship (23 September 2018) Continuing from the previous passage where Jesus continues to be faithful to His Father’s mission despite plans to kill Him, Jesus chooses disciples who would continue His work after He dies, rises & ascends to Heaven. Reading through the list of the twelve disciples, we should immediately realize there isContinue reading “Jesus Chooses His Disciples (Mark 3:13-19)”

Why & How should we Praise God? (Psalm 33)

Sunday Worship (16 September 2018) Amidst the unending distractions of life, singing together with the saints for 15 minutes can refocus us on the One who alone is worthy of our true & wholehearted worship. Psalm 33 today reminds us with compelling truths on why we should praise God & how we should respond. BeContinue reading “Why & How should we Praise God? (Psalm 33)”

The Faithfulness of Christ (Mark 3:7-12)

Sunday Worship (9 September 2018) In the last passage, the tyrants of the Sabbath (the Pharisees) are provoked to destroy Jesus. Knowing His time has not come to be arrested, Jesus withdrew Himself and we see the faithfulness of Christ to His Father, ministry & His mission. Be encouraged by this week’s exposition from MarkContinue reading “The Faithfulness of Christ (Mark 3:7-12)”

Jesus Exposes the Hearts of the Legalistic Pharisees (Mark 3:1-6)

Sunday Worship (2 September 2018) After confronting the tyrants of the Sabbath, Jesus is relentless yet gracious to come expose the heart of the legalistic Pharisees so that they may see the truth, repent and believe in Him. While there may not be any groups identifying as Pharisees today, the beliefs of the Pharisees continueContinue reading “Jesus Exposes the Hearts of the Legalistic Pharisees (Mark 3:1-6)”