The Tender Care of the Good Shepherd (Mark 6:30-44)

Sunday Worship (7 April 2019) After the disciples return from their mission, the Lord Jesus calls them to come away with Him, for union with Him is the only fountain of strength. However, crowds begin to gather and we see comforting & compelling proof of Christ’s tender care for the lost, as the Good ShepherdContinue reading “The Tender Care of the Good Shepherd (Mark 6:30-44)”

The Heart versus the Lips (Matthew 15:1-20)

Sunday Worship (31 March 2019) We’ve had a very encouraging time in Titus 2:11-14 at the Youth Conference and take a break to examine the difference between the heart & the lips, traditions & Scripture. God hits hard at our hidden idols of the heart ultimately to loving redeem & restore us. Be encouraged asContinue reading “The Heart versus the Lips (Matthew 15:1-20)”