Jesus addresses the Sanhedrin’s skepticism, Part 1 (Mark 11:27-33)

What would you do if someone questioned your right to speak or teach? What is an attack on the Lord Jesus reveals His love & mercy even for His attackers. Be encouraged this week by this passage in Mark 11:27-33.

Prayers that God Answers (Mark 11:22-26)

Sunday Worship (21 June 2020) After cursing the fig tree & pronouncing judgment on the God forsaken temple, Jesus continues to teach the disciples how to pray effectively without reliance on the God forsaken temple. Be encouraged by the 2 power truths of effective prayer in this passage!

Who was lost? (Luke 15)

Sunday Worship (14 June 2020) This may be a familiar passage to most believers, especially the prodigal son. However, this week’s guest speaker, Samuel Nesan helps us understand how all 3 stories are actually one parable and one response to the group of people who consider themselves “the righteous” and how Jesus also desires forContinue reading “Who was lost? (Luke 15)”

The humble King, the crowd and the temple (Mark 11:1-11)

Sunday Worship (31 May 2020) In this passage, Jesus is entering His toughest week that would lead to His crucifixion. Be encouraged as the Lord Jesus warns us the dangers of following the misguided crowd and the forsaken temple.