A Theology of Change (Luke 23:32-43)

The desire for change has perhaps been intensified by the recent events as many people in the world experience lock downs, restricted travels, job losses, fear, worry and despair. Yet God patiently continues to work out His change His way in each person’s life, situation & relationship. Whose change are we living & fighting for?Continue reading “A Theology of Change (Luke 23:32-43)”

Who was lost? (Luke 15)

Sunday Worship (14 June 2020) This may be a familiar passage to most believers, especially the prodigal son. However, this week’s guest speaker, Samuel Nesan helps us understand how all 3 stories are actually one parable and one response to the group of people who consider themselves “the righteous” and how Jesus also desires forContinue reading “Who was lost? (Luke 15)”

The Pursuit of Riches (Luke 12:13-21)

Sunday Worship (14 October 2018) While interrupted by a man demanding Jesus make his brother split an inheritance with him, Jesus gets right to the heart of greed and speaks timeless truth to all of us today. Be thankful for the warning of these truths and be encouraged by the grace He extends to allContinue reading “The Pursuit of Riches (Luke 12:13-21)”

CBF Retreat 2018 Messages

We give all our thanks & gratitude to the Lord for directing the paths of His people from different nations & walks of life for the one purpose of loving Christ at the CBF Retreat 2018. The theme “Loving Christ” was the rightly chosen to encourage people from different seasons of life to surrender themselvesContinue reading “CBF Retreat 2018 Messages”