The humble King, the crowd and the temple (Mark 11:1-11)

Sunday Worship (31 May 2020) In this passage, Jesus is entering His toughest week that would lead to His crucifixion. Be encouraged as the Lord Jesus warns us the dangers of following the misguided crowd and the forsaken temple.

A Beggar’s Faith (Mark 10:45-52), Part 2

Sunday Worship (10 May 2020) As Bartimaeus abandoned his cloak (the outer garment which is so critical to keep him warm during the night’s cold weather) to run to Jesus, what was going on in his heart? Be encouraged this week by God’s miraculous work and the gift of faith in a blind beggar:

A Beggar’s Faith (Mark 10:45-52), Part 1

Sunday Worship (3 May 2020) It is a great irony that there are those who see physically but spiritually cannot see and love Christ and yet there are those who can’t see physically but spiritually see and deeply love Christ. Which are we? Be encouraged this week by God’s miraculous work and the gift ofContinue reading “A Beggar’s Faith (Mark 10:45-52), Part 1”

Pride & Humility (Mark 10:32-45)

Sunday Worship (19 April 2020) Imagine being one of the Lord Jesus’ disciples. He is making predictions that He is going to sacrifice His life soon. What would you do? In this week, we see how the Lord Jesus show His disciples, and us, the true meaning of being the greatest by understanding pride &Continue reading “Pride & Humility (Mark 10:32-45)”

The Tender Care of the Good Shepherd (Mark 6:30-44)

Sunday Worship (7 April 2019) After the disciples return from their mission, the Lord Jesus calls them to come away with Him, for union with Him is the only fountain of strength. However, crowds begin to gather and we see comforting & compelling proof of Christ’s tender care for the lost, as the Good ShepherdContinue reading “The Tender Care of the Good Shepherd (Mark 6:30-44)”