Session 3: Secular Vs The Biblical Perspective

CBF Retreat 2019 Psychology is supposed to be the study of the mind and soul, but is largely based on conjecture and theories that amount to a de facto religion masquerading as science. The religion of psychiatry begins with wrong foundation and tenets, ends with wrong conclusions and principles.  Heb 4:12 ESV For the word ofContinue reading “Session 3: Secular Vs The Biblical Perspective”

The Heart of Unbelief (Mark 6:1-6)

Sunday Worship (3 March 2019) As Jesus comes to His hometown to proclaim the Gospel mercifully one more time, He marvels at the unbelief of the people there. It is important to point out that the heart of unbelief exist not just in unbelievers of Jesus but also in believers who have repented and surrenderedContinue reading “The Heart of Unbelief (Mark 6:1-6)”