The Power of Christ over demons, Part 1 (Mark 5:1-13)

Sunday Worship (27 January 2019)

Right after Jesus’ demonstrates His humanity & divinity in the midst storm, He selflessly continues the other side of the lake to save a demon possessed man! What is a sound and proper angelology and demonology (the doctrine concerning angels & demons)? Be greatly encouraged by the confidence we can find in Christ & His Word alone in the exposition of Mark 5:1-13 :

Jesus Warns of the Eternal Sin (Mark 3:22-30)

Sunday Worship (7 October 2018)

On this second preaching tour, different crowds have came looking for Jesus – the desperate self seeking crowd, anxious family members, and vicious enemies . In today’s passage, the enemies return with more severe charges, claiming that Jesus does His miracles by the power of Satan. Jesus exposes their lies and warns of the eternal sin. Be encouraged as you listen to the exposition of Mark 3:22-30:

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