Who was lost? (Luke 15)

Sunday Worship (14 June 2020) This may be a familiar passage to most believers, especially the prodigal son. However, this week’s guest speaker, Samuel Nesan helps us understand how all 3 stories are actually one parable and one response to the group of people who consider themselves “the righteous” and how Jesus also desires forContinue reading “Who was lost? (Luke 15)”

Pride & Humility (Mark 10:32-45)

Sunday Worship (19 April 2020) Imagine being one of the Lord Jesus’ disciples. He is making predictions that He is going to sacrifice His life soon. What would you do? In this week, we see how the Lord Jesus show His disciples, and us, the true meaning of being the greatest by understanding pride &Continue reading “Pride & Humility (Mark 10:32-45)”

Jesus Commands us to Listen (Mark 4:13-20)

Sunday Worship (2 December 2018) After starting to teach in parables, Jesus explains the meaning of the parable to His disciples in private that how we listen has great significance. What kind of listeners are those in whom God’s Word bear fruit? Find out in the exposition of Mark 4:13-20: 

Doing God’s Will in a Digital Age, Part 2 (Mark 3:31-35)

Sunday Worship (18 November 2018) Who belongs to Jesus’ family? The one who does the will of God. As further application, last week we explored how that looks like in the digital age today. Today we continue in the final part of applying God’s will in the digital age. Be encouraged by the Word ofContinue reading “Doing God’s Will in a Digital Age, Part 2 (Mark 3:31-35)”

Doing God’s Will in a Digital Age, Part 1 (Mark 3:31-35)

Sunday Worship (11 November 2018) Last week, we learned who belong to Jesus’ family – those who do the will of God. We also learned to differentiate God’s decretive & preceptive will. Today, we continue to apply His Word in the digital we live in. Be encouraged to live out God’s will in your lifeContinue reading “Doing God’s Will in a Digital Age, Part 1 (Mark 3:31-35)”