The Compassion of Christ to Three Individuals (Mark 5:21-43)

Sunday Worship (24 February 2019)

After last week’s encouraging study in the richness of eternal security in Jude, we resume our study in the book of Mark and be in awe of the compassion the Lord Jesus has in the lives of three individuals. One truth stands out clearly in this portion of Scripture: It is God’s nature to be compassionate and merciful. Whether you are in need of God’s compassion/mercy or in need of God to transformed your heart so you can show compassion/mercy to others, be greatly encouraged as you find out how Jesus is compassionate in the exposition of Mark 5:21-43 :

The Power of Christ over demons, Part 1 (Mark 5:1-13)

Sunday Worship (27 January 2019)

Right after Jesus’ demonstrates His humanity & divinity in the midst storm, He selflessly continues the other side of the lake to save a demon possessed man! What is a sound and proper angelology and demonology (the doctrine concerning angels & demons)? Be greatly encouraged by the confidence we can find in Christ & His Word alone in the exposition of Mark 5:1-13 :

The Humanity and Divinity of Christ (Mark 4:35-41)

Sunday Worship (20 January 2019)

Today’s passage draws out the doctrine of Christ’s humanity & divinity, being fully man and fully God, who alone can become the mediator between God and man. Be encouraged and comforted by the truth that God does care about you and you can fully trust God in all situations, even the midst of the storm:

The Certainty of Christ’s Kingdom (Mark 4:26-34)

Sunday Worship (13 January 2019)

We resume our study in the book of Mark this week continuing with the Lord Jesus using parables to hide truth from unbelievers and reveal truth to believers. The Lord Jesus uses 2 more parables to reveal to His disciples the expectation of rejection but also the certainty of God’s Kingdom. Be encouraged today as you listen to the exposition of Mark 4:26-34:

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