The humble King, the crowd and the temple (Mark 11:1-11)

Sunday Worship (31 May 2020) In this passage, Jesus is entering His toughest week that would lead to His crucifixion. Be encouraged as the Lord Jesus warns us the dangers of following the misguided crowd and the forsaken temple.

The Church’s Unshakable Confidence (Jude 24-25)

Sunday Worship (17 February 2019) Today we take a break from our series in the book of Mark and be reminded of the great confidence and comfort we can have in the power of God to keep His people till the day of glory despite all the suffering and testings He allows into our lives. Be encouraged in theContinue reading “The Church’s Unshakable Confidence (Jude 24-25)”

Jesus Explains the Good Soil (Mark 4:13-20)

Sunday Worship (9 December 2018) Last week we learned how Jesus defined the first 3 types of unfruitful hearers, today we hear Him define the good soil – the obedient hearer. What are the characteristics of good soil hearers? How should we preach the Good News in light of these truths? Find out in the expositionContinue reading “Jesus Explains the Good Soil (Mark 4:13-20)”