Urgency of the Message (Mark 6:7-13)

Sunday Worship (17 March 2019) After being rejected in His hometown, the Lord Jesus sends His disciples out as part of their training. He knows His time is running out as the cross is approaching. Why did He send out His disciple in pairs? What is the purpose of them being sent? What should beContinue reading “Urgency of the Message (Mark 6:7-13)”

The Faithfulness of Christ (Mark 3:7-12)

Sunday Worship (9 September 2018) In the last passage, the tyrants of the Sabbath (the Pharisees) are provoked to destroy Jesus. Knowing His time has not come to be arrested, Jesus withdrew Himself and we see the faithfulness of Christ to His Father, ministry & His mission. Be encouraged by this week’s exposition from MarkContinue reading “The Faithfulness of Christ (Mark 3:7-12)”